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Become a Citizen’s Action Network member and help the U.S. Coast Guard save lives and property, prevent oil spills, and protect wildlife, all from the comfort of home.

This program allows residents living near waterways to become associated with the Coast Guard and help conduct its missions.

The Coast Guard will call on Citizen’s Action Network members to help investigate cases such as rescue missions and pollution incidents, which puts volunteers right in the heart of the action.

The only requirements for participating are having access to a phone and a marine view from your home.

Examples of C.A.N. member assistance:

  • Verifying or monitoring information during a SAR case; especially when the expected time for Coast Guard responders on scene is lengthy.  This type of “eyes on” support is valuable when an initial report is lacking critical information, communications is lost with the initial reporting source or the reporting source moves from the location (such as cell phone reports taken from moving vehicles).
  • Supporting the Aids to Navigation mission by conducting visual checks after a storm. A participant, knowing in advance the bearing of an aid from his home, could report back when called upon. Several participants in a given area could support a rough triangulation of an aid allowing for the Aton unit to better manage the priority of their response efforts.
  • Responding to a call from the Coast Guard to verify a vessel’s location. This could be helpful identifying positions of vessels too small for VTS tracking.

For more information:

To sign up:

You can email the sign up form at the above link. If you prefer to fax or mail it, simply fill out the form, print it and fax it to (504) 672-2146 or mail to Judy Darby, P.O. Box 232, Madisonville, LA 70447.

To have someone contact you for more information please complete this form.

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